We help you trust your body.

Personal training for those with illness or injury.

  • Heart Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Arthritis

Health Strength & Wellbeing

At HSW we build confidence, strength, health and mobility for those with or without clinical conditions who wants to move forward with their fitness. HSW provides innovative, personalised and safe physical activity plans based around clients specific health, strength and lifestyle requirements.


Heart Disease
Blood Pressure
Metabolic Syndrome
Sedentary lifestyle
Low general function
Chronic Fatigue

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  • MM


    "I found it hard to engage with any comfortable activity. HSW developed a whole range of different exercises that I can complete without pain. I feel healthier and stronger in everyday life and more in control of my body." 
  • GG


    “I was never keen on physical activity but after suffering from two bouts of atrial fibrillation I knew it was vital to increase my fitness. HSW not only introduced me to exercise but made it achievable, fun and educated me along the way”
  • RG


    “I was rapidly losing weight due to uncontrolled diabetes. Following a review of my diet and nutrition combined with an active training programme, my health is now better than it has been for a long time, and I even have a bicep or two”
  • PN


    “It was a challenge recovering from an injury that led to severe tendonitis. HSW assessed the situation in line with my goal and produced perfect plans so I could achieve that goal”
  • MS


    “I am an 82 year old man and following a triple heart bypass I found it a challenge to walk up a short hill. I now have the confidence to walk double the distance and double the hills”